Smart Tribes

“The energy you give leads to the inspiration you provide which leads to the legacy you leave.”

I’m not entirely sure who said the quote above but it’s one that’s stuck with me circa 2003-2004 when I attended Outdoor Odyssey in the “wilderness” of Pennsylvania. That year and the subsequent weeks I spent at this incredible place helped to mold me into who I am today.

A few weeks ago, my mentor, Ron, asked me what motivates me. Why I push to go above and beyond and do the things I do on a day-to-day basis. When I take some time to think about it, the weeks I spent at Outdoor Odyssey (or ODO as all of us mentors lovingly call it), are what motivate me.

At Ron’s suggestion, I picked up and read “Smart Tribes” by Christine Comaford which immediately solidified in me my passion for doing what I do day-in and day-out. To me, the idea of a “smart tribe” is the ability to create and grow your posse. Your squad. Your tribe. Personally and professionally.

There are wayyyyyyy too many valuable nuggets of advice scattered throughout Comaford’s book, online resources and webinars, to truly do it all justice in this blog post. However, the one thing that stood out to me is that “Sustainability prevents burnout.”

How often do we go around priding ourselves on the fact that we were in the office before 8am or left after 5pm or did work after hours? When will we stop receiving accolades for doing something that ultimately will burn each and every one of us out and deter the work/life balance that we fight so hard for?

Comaford suggests that by putting fences around the people and things that are pulling you away from your goals, you will have more time to find energy and be sustainable. Sustainability is about having enough energy to enjoy what you’re doing, getting consistent and high-value results and creating a win-win scenario in all you do.

One suggestion is to draw a chart listing activities that help  you gain, those that cause you to lose and then determining a percentage mix that adds up to 100%. Give it a try for your routines, daily stressors and deadlines and move the needle to a balance that works best for you.