Radical Candor

Fate would have it that “Radical Candor” by Kim Scott was brought to my attention after reading “Lean In,” and “Smart Tribes,” and right before starting “Crucial Conversations.” If there is such a thing as divine timing, that was it.

There is something about the alumni from Silicone Valley that has brought some of my greatest lessons and “aha!” moments. “Radical Candor,” was no different.

The idea of Radical Candor is to be MORE THAN PROFESSIONAL. To give a damn and care personally. To care personally and challenge directly. To constructively criticize without creating problems in a relationship personally and professionally.

Radical Candor has changed my life in more ways than one.

It’s allowed me to better communicate with my husband-to-be. To be able to effectively get my point across at work while inspiring change. To be able to control my emotions and step outside of my comfort zone when it comes time to having tough conversations. To deal with that discomfort, try some new tricks and analyze the outcome.

Radical Candor is the ability to give the “quite ones a voice.” To determine who the loud listeners and quiet listeners are and enable each to thrive.

Most importantly, the idea of Radical Candor helps each of us learn how to care about ourselves.

It’s like the airlines tell us on each flight “secure your own oxygen mask before helping someone else.”

If you are able to care about yourself personally, you’ll be able to care about others, master your reactions to others emotions and provide guidance all the while being radically candid. Being radically YOU.