Orbiting the Giant Hairball

Everyday, we are in orbit.

Our thoughts orbit our minds. Our Earth orbits the sun and the moon which all orbit as part of a system much larger than anything we can imagine.

What happens when our orbit spins out of control? Suddenly, we are consumed by our thoughts, sucked in to an abyss or actions and thoughts that don’t bring us bliss. Our world, our planet is sucked into a black hole that there is no getting out of.

UNLESS, we get creative.


Gordon MacKenzie was a “creative paradox” for Hallmark. How awesome would it be to work for a conglomerate of a greeting card company and be part of bringing strangers so much joy?!

The moral of MacKenzie’s story is to be original, be unique, don’t get sucked into the giant hairball. His message is to paint your own canvas because nobody else will nor will they be able to create the canvas in the way that you know best. Make your mark on the world. March to the beat of your own drum. Do first, ask for permission later.

That is the idea of orbiting the giant hairball.

This is the area where I struggle the most. Each day, I have an internal battle over sitting on the sidelines, doing and being what’s expected of me or becoming involved and making my mark which will hopefully be positive.

At the end of everyday, so long as I can go home from work or to sleep from my personal life, if I can shut my eyes knowing that I did the best I could in that day, I stay in orbit. If anything brings me discomfort, I’ve been sucked into the hairball.

Be yourself. Lead the way you know best. Appreciate others views. Approach everything with a sense of gratitude and the greater good. When you can’t do that, LET GO. Let go of any emotions that don’t serve you. Let go of preconceived notions of what you should do or who you should be.

In the words of Ingrid Bergman…