It’s Not Luck

I’m not going to lie–I was fairly happy for the sequel to “The Goal” and the continuing of the soap opera that is UniCo. “It’s Not Luck,” gave me the chance to learn about UniCo’s other companies such as Pete’s Printing Company, I Cosmetics and Pressure Steam.

The thing that resonated the most with me is how this book took the principles of “The Goal” and applied them to various situations with one goal in mind–determining the root cause.

In our day-to-day, we have struggles and triumphs. We have complaints and needs. At the end of each day, the power to improve upon every process within our organization, and within any organization for that matter, can be found within our people.

We already have the answers to fixing our most pressing issues but nobody speaks up due to fear of failure or preconceived notions that there won’t be any improvement because “that’s the way things have always been done,” fear of hurting someone’s feelings, fear of failure. Whatever the reason, our ego’s prevent us from improving.

Yes, we may be limited due to budgetary constraints or space but there is ALWAYS another way to make more out of what we have today.

“It’s Not Luck,” proves that and, in a way, the title alludes to the fact that we each make our own destiny and it truly is not luck.

Clouds and trees are the essence of the successful exercise that Alex has each company go through. Why can’t we do the same?

If we were to develop a reality tree–past, current or future–what would make up it’s branches and roots? How would we trim the tree? How would we encourage each and every bud to bloom?

One of my all time favorite quotes aligns closely with the idea of a reality tree:


We need to stop the pain. We need to blossom as individuals and as a company and the power lies within each and every one of us.

How will you help the company and yourself grow?