Summer of ’87


My aunt’s tell me that I look like the baby Grinch in this photo…I think I’m pretty cute.

It was the summer of 1987 and the planet’s were on the cusp on Gemini and Cancer when I made my entrance into the world. I was born on Dover Air Force Base and the day that I was born so also happened to be Father’s Day.

I like to think that I’m pretty unique from an Astrology standpoint and that part of that alignment has shaped me into who I am today. I also like to think that I was such a force that my parents decided to keep me as an only child.

As I grew up, I became quite accomplished by becoming Mini Miss Pennsylvania at the age of 3.

baby bunny

I mean, look at that hair and those baby blues–clearly award-winning.

 My imagination ran rampant but as I grew up, my personality started to morph into who I am today. While I’ve never lost that childlike curiosity, I started to take on a more introverted approach to dealing with people and situations. I blame it on my first year in public school and my 3rd grade teacher but that’s a discussion for another time.

A couple of years ago and less than one year before his death, I had the opportunity to be in the same room as Dr. Wayne Dyer. That man was…is…truly incredible. He told a story of one of his seminars where he held up and orange and asked what happens when you squeeze it. All of the adults in the room were responding with profound answers that obviously weren’t what Dr. Dyer was looking for. A child spoke up and said “well, orange juice.”

We all have a juice inside of us that rears its head when we are squeezed. While this is just a glimpse into my start as a little orange, each post on this site will reveal the layers and my authentic self.


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