I (and most women…) Screwed Up

I promise I’m working but sometimes I get stuck in a rut where the hamster in my head is running rampant on its wheel and I have to take a few to purge my thoughts onto my screen in order to be able to reset and be productive.

Welcome to my life.

The statement above poses my first question–WHY DO WE, AS WOMEN, ALWAYS APOLOGIZE? A man would probably take it upon himself to take a breather or even be told to do so.

Why do women always feel the need to be kind? To please? To be granted permission instead of forgiveness? We need to break this cycle.

As I mentioned in a past post, I’m a humanist, not a feminist. I believe that we are all given equal opportunities and have the chance to make or break each and every thing but that there is something engraved in the female DNA that holds us back.

Rewind to a few weeks ago when our new company handbook was distributed and there was a part about maternity leave. Automatically my brain went into panic mode and my dreams of starting a family shattered because of my desire for a successful career. Would I be fired for becoming pregnant?1 Am I setting myself up to be fired from a job I love because those thoughts cross my mind?!

Career vs. Family.

Door A. vs. Door B.

Security vs. Hopes and Dreams.

Let’s be honest–I’m not getting any younger so starting a family is bound to happen at some point. Will it be in the next year? Two years? Five years? Ever? Those questions have yet to be answered but yet I still find myself getting nauseous at the thought.

To make matters worse, I sent an email to my boss to pose an insecure question of whether or not my job would be in jeopardy when the time comes, if it ever does.

To make matters even worse…I’m probably not the only woman to have ever acted that way or to have thought those thoughts.

Why do we self-sabotage? Why do we start backing away to set ourselves up for failure? Tell me the last time a male asked if his job would be in jeopardy because a new addition was on its way.

We need to break the cycle and own our jobs–both personal and professional–and know that we have the grit to be successful all while living an amazing personal life. It is possible to have both worlds and to do a damn good job at everything but how can we put a stop to the cycle of the 1950’s mindset?

I want to hear from you so leave your comments on how you successfully manage a work/life balance in the comments below!




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