An Open Letter

Q1 has ended and today my company did what most companies do–we discussed it. Before we got into the numbers and metrics of the past 3 months, we first spent some time discussing our new company mission–the story behind our brands.

Anything new is always met with skepticism. As we learned more about our new identifiers, I made it a purpose to be mindful and scan the room for reactions or a lack thereof. Maybe it was the fact that we were looking at a PowerPoint presentation at the start of a 2-hour meeting. Maybe it was the fact that some may have been tired from already putting in a full days work but the response was minimal. No questions, no comments, no nothing.

That lack of response got me to thinking about our culture and determining what makes each individual tick and get excited.

I was looking through some old emails/files last week and came across the a “company culture cookbook” and wanted to share it with everyone. Today and as we grow, our culture really is the company that we keep. It’s the company that we keep in our customers and colleagues—past, present and future.

Culture is the thing that can make or break us and our goals personally and professionally. Unfortunately, some think that “corporate culture” is some sort of taboo corporate cliché. That couldn’t be further from the truth. One of the tactics of every company should be to get each and every employee to drink the metaphorical Kool-Aid. Our Kool-Aid greets us every morning in the form of our Core Values but are we truly living and feeling those?

 Hopefully this afternoon’s meeting started a teeny, tiny flame in each one of you to be passionate and to let that passion fly and be contagious (or added to the raging fire already in existence). Hopefully it served as a gentle reminder of why we are here and why we do the things we do day in and day out. We do save lives and that’s something really cool to get behind and be proud of.

In addition to our Core Values, I’d encourage each of you to embody the 7 Pillars of Delight—for your customers, colleagues and, most importantly, yourself:

1.    Delight Team Members

2.    Educate Team Members

3.    Empower Team Members

4.    Listen

5.    Ask

6.    Serve Everyone

7.    Follow-UpResolve all problems. Eliminate the risk of losing trust developed.

I feel that I need to end this email by saying “Namaste” but instead I’ll close by wishing you all a great evening!



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